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February 2016

  Well, so here we are already in the month of February. In Oregon that
  means that we are only a few days away from the start of the Legislative
  short Session. In the past the short session was used for budget issues
  and tweaks to existing laws. However, this session looks to be quite
  different. Laws affecting land use, minimum wage, rent control and
  inclusionary zoning are on the horizon. Our Legislature could make
  some decisions that, in my opinion, in the long run, would be some
  pretty big mistakes. The best way to not make a mistake is to make
  sure everyone has all the facts. We, the small landlords of Portland,
  need to set the record straight on three very important issues: evictions,
                                    lack of housing, and rents.
Table of Contents
RHA Oregon Dinner |  page 3                                              2016  Forms are now available | page 12
President’s Message |  pages 4 & 16                                   Five Facts Every Parent Should Know 
RHA Mark Your Calendar |  page 5                                       About Their Housing Rights | page 14 & 17 - 18
New Year, New Laws, New Worries |  pages  6 & 7               Puzzle| page 15
Inherit A House? How  To Rent It Out |  pages 8 &  9          The Preferred Service Guide | page 19-22
Dear Maintenance Men |  page 10 & 14