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March 2016
  The State legislative session has started in Salem this month. As always,
  we are getting reports from Cindy Robert, our lobbyist for RHA Oregon,
  about upcoming bills. Cindy does a great job keeping us informed about
  those bills, which can have an effect on how we conduct our business as
  property owners. I would encourage you to check your emails and read
  the UPDATE for important information. Also, please make sure that we
  have your current email address for alerts and calls to action that may be
  coming. With 1800 members we can be a strong voice in the state for our
  industry, but only if we are taking the opportunity to make our voice heard.
Table of Contents
RHA Oregon Dinner |  page 3                      Why Buy Earthquake Insurance |  pages 8 - 10 & 12
President’s Message |  pages 4 & 16            Warning - Applicants Current Landlord May Lie | page 14
RHA Mark Your Calendar |  page 5               Dear Maintenance Men | page 13 & 16 
2015 Non-Deductable Dues |  page  6           The Preferred Service Guide | page 19-22 
EPA Cracks Down On Lead Violations |  page  7