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April 2016

  April is Fair Housing Month and only a few short weeks until
  the Primary elections on Tuesday, May 17th.  Why do I mention
  the elections coming up?  Because I want to remind everyone of
  the right and privilege that we have to participate in the governing
  of our cities, our state, and our country. I could go over the fact
  that many people gave their lives for this right/privilege. I could
  remind you of the ease with which we are afforded the ability to
  exercise this right and privilege.


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Table of Contents

RHA Oregon Dinner |  page 3                       Window Film: How Its Proper Use 
President’s Message |  pages 4 &  13           Can Help You Make Money |  pages 8 & 10  
RHA Mark Your Calendar |  page 5                Work Smarter Not Just Harder| pages 11 &14
2015 Non-Deductable Dues |  page  6          Dear Maintenance Men | pages  12 - 13 
Staying Motivated And Goal-Politics Is           The Only Game For Adults..All The 
Oriented For The New Year |  page  7            Rest Are For Children | page 15 & 17 - 18
                                                                    The Preferred Service Guide | page 19-22