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May 2016

  Interestingly, I have started and stopped writing this month’s message
  several times. There is so much going on with state and city government
  changes. Recent news is that Milwaukie passed a new law increasing
  the waiting period to 90 days for no cause evictions. I love the fact that
  they still term it as an “eviction”. It’s termination of a contract.  The
  safety is a concern when it comes to being able to terminate a tenancy.
  As we all know there are times when it is in the best interest of tenants
  that another tenant move on. 


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Table of Contents

RHA Oregon Dinner |  page 3               How To Catch A Liar  |  page  7
President’s Message |  pages 4             Dear Maintenance Men|  pages 9
RHA Mark Your Calendar |  page 5        Multifamily Landlords Win Some/Lose Some 
Inspections: Take The time Now To       In The Short 2016 Legislative Session| pages 15
Save You $ Later    page  6                  The Preferred Service Guide | page 18