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June 2016
   With Primary elections over and the General elections on the
   way things are getting very interesting in Oregon politics.
   The usual subjects are coming out and being bandied about.
   Seems to me that all of the discussion is about “who is to blame?”
   and not “how do we solve this?” Why is it that solutions are
   the last thing to be discussed and so much time is spent on trying
   to place the blame? Does it matter how we got here? Does having
   someone to blame make the issue any less critical?
Table of Contents
RHA Oregon Dinner |  page 3              Good Landlord PAC is Free!  |  page  8    
President’s Message |  pages 4            Dear Maintenance Men |  pages 9    
RHA Mark Your Calendar |  page 5       The Increasing Cost Of On-Site Staffing | pages 15
The Most Common Way Landlords        Cleaning Essentials For Landlords  | page 18
Lose An Eviction | page  6                  The Preferred Service Guide | page 18