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September 2016


 By Tia Politi, ROA Board Member, Rental Owner, Lead Property Manager at Acorn Property Management

 Running a business is full of risks - kind of like the rest of life. Learning to spot and eliminate them can  help you avoid trouble. From my perspective as a property manager (my nickname is, "The Voice of  Doom" because I'm always pointing out possible problems to my owners), there are three major  categories of risk for landlords - the property, the tenants, and you, the landlord!

 See page 13 of the September Update for more on Mind Your Business!
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September 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS

RHA Oregon Dinner   

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Picnic Sponsors

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President's Message 

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Mind You Business! Risk Management

Page 13

RHA Mark Your Calendar  

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Landlording 101

Page 14

When Can a Landlord Raise Rent in Oregon? 

Page 6 

My Top 6 Landlord Mistakes

Page 15

Thank You Starry Night Sponsors

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Interested in Serving on The Board?

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Landlord Safety and Survival Tips    

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The Preferred Service Guide

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Dear Maintenance Men Page 11