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December 2016
Time flies when you’re having fun!! Have you heard this before? I’ve heard it so many times, right before leaving that
great vacation to Disneyland, or cruise on the Caribbean, or whatever great adventure you were just on. Even sarcastically such as when you are just finishing some troublesome task that you couldn’t wait to complete. Many of those times, whether good or bad, left an impression that will last you the rest of your life. Memories that are so alive with flavor that you can still remember the way the day felt, or the smell of the air, maybe even that feeling in the pit of your stomach. That dull ache or pining as you leave where you were to go on the next step of the journey. If you
were to tell me about those memories, feelings and that ache I could truly, deeply, empathize. For you see, I am about to embark on my next step in my journey with RHA Oregon.
This coming year I get to find out what the office of Past President is like. At our dinner meeting in December I will get the privilege of installing the next board of directors for RHA Oregon and the new President. We have accomplished a lot of different things during the last couple of years. We have improved our office with new equipment and staffing-thank you Phil Owen and Cari. We added the Annex for meetings, education, and events at the RHA Oregon building-thank you Ami Stevens and Phil. We increased our membership, now closing in on over 2000-thank you Liz Carpenter. Our influence in local and state political arenas has been helpful to limit the changes to laws affecting property owners throughout Oregon-thank you Phil Owen, Ron Garcia, Jim Herman, Jerad Goughnour, and Cindy Robert. We increased attendance at our Starry Night event, Oaks Park picnic, and dinner meetings. Lynne Whitney and AJ Shepard did a great job finding new and different locations, caterers, and foods for the meetings!! Our Treasurer, Elaine Elsea, without your input we could have never accomplished so much while spending so little. Also, a special thank you for our lobbyist Cindy Robert for her guidance throughout the year. Lastly, my most sincere and heartfelt thank you to Cari Pierce - our office manager. She provided endless support, knowledge, hard work, and kept me on track throughout my term. Cari, I could never say thank you enough!!!!
Come January 1st, Ron Garcia will be stepping into the position of President. So, while sad, I am also quite excited. Ron is someone who brings a great amount of knowledge, wisdom, and energy to RHA Oregon. During our board retreat in November, Ron showed us a little of his vision for our future and it is exciting. While we will have challenges in the days, weeks, and months ahead, I am confident in the leadership of RHA Oregon. If there is one thing that I could encourage you to do in the coming year, it is to get involved either with a committee, event, or just attending a class. 2017 is our 90th year in existence. Since 1927 the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon has set the standard for community participation by landlords providing affordable and quality housing. In closing, thank you to all the members of RHA Oregon, whether a property owner, affiliate, or dual member. To those of you that I have served with on committees and the board, I appreciate your time, effort, and sharing of knowledge. The amount of learning that I have done since I first stepped into an RHA meeting is amazing. I don’t think that I could ever quantify it. Without you RHA Oregon would not be the great leading organization that it is.
John Sage
President RHA Oregon
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