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January 2017
Greetings! My name is Ron Garcia and I am excited to be the new President of the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon.
As a Board Member for the past 6 years, I’ve had a front row seat within the organization and I’ve been able to witness up close the incredible dedication that many volunteers make to RHA Oregon. I am humbled by their efforts, and I am
greatly appreciative of my own opportunity to serve. We have done a lot in the last few years, and there is now a lot to do. So first, I want to say Thank You to everyone involved. Next, I guess I want to say, let’s get to work.
The headline news of the day is the earth shaking shift coming to our country with the inauguration of an unconventional conservative President along with the now Republican-controlled Congress. Yet in our “parallel universe”, we have a newly ratified liberal Governor and a Democrat-controlled Legislature. Political persuasions aside, our state leaders have announced an agenda unfriendly to rental property owners. The seismic fallout is their pro-active attempt to pass rent control and remove no-cause terminations from rental agreements.
I want to make a point that The Rental Housing Alliance Oregon will do what we can to provide a balanced perspective to this discussion. We hope to impress upon our leaders that anti-rent control does not mean
anti-tenants. And while the homeless crisis is real, preventing landlords from exercising their right to terminate a contract will not cure this issue.
For the last 90 years RHA Oregon has set the standard for community participation by landlords providing affordable and quality housing through our association’s networking, education, tools and support services for our membership. And, no matter what the outcome of this 2017 legislative session may bring, we will continue that direction into the
next century as well.
So to that point, our incoming Board of Directors has many new faces and a depth of experience and talent. I think you will see fresh approaches to our networking events, vendor involvement and educational opportunities. Along with our recently hired new front office staff, and under the management of Cari Pierce, members are raving about the outstanding customer service experience they have when engaging with us.
I am also extremely excited to announce that RHA Oregon will be rolling out a new website very soon. This new site will provide a robust new platform for RHA Oregon members to access more tools in order to continue to be even better landlords. It will be mobile accessible and it will be designed for us to grow in the services we can offer to small and mid-sized rental property owners. And it will look great, too!
I am very fortunate to inherit the helm of this association in such great condition. Now with your help and support, I’ll get started.
Ron Garcia
RHA Oregon President